Like Gold Dust…

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Introducing to the beautiful 90cm circle; Gold Dust. With creams, toffees, chocolate browns, dark chestnut brown and crushed gold highlights topped off with red caviar pips on top of a crystal glass embellished background. All glass art pieces can be tailor made to your specific colour, texture and size requirements. Please get in touch for more information all also have a look at the … Read More

Reflection – New Fused Glass Art Texture

Linear Art AdminNew Fused Glass Art Designs

Introducing ‘Reflection’, the new glass art 90x90cm circle texture. Featuring stunning crushed silver chrome embellishments, beautiful aqua shades of peacock, teal and petrol green/blue. With a unique polished mirror backing, this is a design that has caught the eye of many keen collectors at recent exhibitions. If you are interested in this design please be sure to get in touch. All glass art textures can be tailor … Read More