Kensington – New Glass Art Wiggle Design

Linear Art AdminGlass Art Wiggles

Introducing the large 144cmx60cm wiggle design; Kensington. With soft dub whites, lavenders, fox glove purples perfectly complimented with a aubergine caviar pips and crushed crystal embellishments. This piece has been gaining a lot of attention over the past few months at the spring exhibitions.

If you are interested in the piece, please remember that all glass art pieces can be tailor made to your specific colour, texture and size requirements. Please get in touch for more information or have a look at the other designs in the Linear Glass Art collection.

glass-art-wiggle-kensington-1 glass-art-wiggle-kensington-3 glass-art-wiggle-kensington-5 glass-art-wiggle-kensington-6 glass-art-wiggle-kensington-8