Bespoke Fused Glass Art Design

At Linear Art Studios, fused glass artist Mark Briggs works on many fused glass art commissions using architectural glass, polished metals and unique designed canvases, combining texture, pattern and colour to create stunning works of fused glass artwork.

You can choose any colours and any design and have a beautiful work of art in your home or business that is unique and a reflection of yourself in your environment – that alone is priceless. Mark Briggs beautiful glass art is an experience as well as a focal discussion point. His work is guaranteed to bring a room alive.

Mark Briggs is dedicated to remaining an authentic bespoke fused glass artist and designer. Many people have approached him with a view to mass producing his work which would result (as they all do) in a lower grade quality product. Mark Briggs has done and always will resist this.

The 100% originality of Mark Briggs’ work is assured by the patent of Register for Design (Registration numbers: 4004035/ :4004037/ :4004036/). These registered designs can be found at : WWW.IPO.GOV.UK. Throughout all of Mark’s designs his striking 3D layered effect moves beyond the traditional flat-bed 2D image. Whether it is for a unique gift or simply to make a statement, Linear Art can offer an exclusive bespoke service to all customers, both private and commercial, including: interior designers; corporate clients; contemporary bars, restaurants and hotels; and galleries.

During an initial consultation you will be able to choose from the wide variety of sumptuous materials, vibrant colours and unique textures. Linear Art offers the opportunity for you to choose from either a number of standardized sizes or Mark will meet your individual size specification.

Each item will then be carefully designed and created according to your individual requirements. The commissioning process is an exciting opportunity for clients to work closely with Mark ensuring your ultimate bespoke design is created, which surpasses all expectations.